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How Can Finch Strategies Serve Your Community?

Finch Strategies, LLC is owned and operated by Cortney Fisher, JD, PhD, Principal. Dr. Fisher has over twenty years of experience working for community-based, campus-based, and government organizations providing victim services to victims and survivors of all crime.

Organizations in the social, human, victim, and justice services fields can gain expert training and technical assistance from Finch Strategies to build capacity to serve their communities. Each training and recommendation is infused by trauma-informed and evidence-based practices. Dr. Fisher believes that leadership happens at all levels in a team and organization. Her objective is to hear from leaders in every space within her client’s teams and organizations before making recommendations. She works to create an experience of belonging for all people, allowing everyone to feel valued and heard.

“My overarching goal is to use my voice, my skills, and my understanding of the various systems of service and government to dismantle systems of oppression and systems that re-traumatize survivors of violence and abuse.” - Cortney Fisher, JD, PhD

Work with Finch Strategies to better serve your community. Contact Cortney for more information about the following services:

  • Organizational and Team Development

  • Training and Technical Assistance

  • Assessment and Evaluation

  • Project Coordination and Direction


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